CVD Diamond End Mills
  - Metric Mini Tools 0.2~2mm
  - Metric Tools 3~12mm
  - English tools 1/64~2/32"
  - English tools 1/8~1/2"

All tools developed by the IDI R&D team are for graphite machining. By focusing on only one specific field, we can produce the best tool for this special application, and dramatically increase your graphite machining efficiency and decrease your tooling cost at the same time.


IDI diamond tool

After 3hrs. graphite cutting

TiALN coated tool

After 30min. graphite cutting



R2 ball nose endmill

Vc=180 m/min.

ap=0.2mm, ae=0.1mm,

Tool life by number of work piece machined

Uncoated tool: 12

IDI  diamond tool: 150



1.      All carbide substrate, grinding and coating process are done by European and USA instruments. High precision and stable quality are the basis of our tools.

2.      Our CVD coating tools can last 12-20 times of uncoated ones. Minimum work piece fail rate and tool change time can be achieved.

3.      Different tool length and flute number are designed for different tool sizes, hence maximum cutting efficiency and longest tool life can be reached.

4.      Excellent tool performance to price ratio, and best service, you can have the maximum profit from you graphite cutting process.


CVD diamond coated tools can be used in graphite, ceramic and composite materials cutting. Materials that contain Fe, Ni or Co can not be machined with diamond tools. Please click on the buttons for detail tool information, or down load our latest catalogue.

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