IDI is an engineering-oriented company. We serve mold and dental industries by providing superior tooling in various kinds of applications. From steel mold roughing/finishing, graphite/copper electrodes milling to high precision dental parts making, customers can always find our high performance milling tools for the most demanding processes.

To make tool profile accuracy within +/-0.002mm in daily life, we follow the basic rules of physics. We choose grinding machines that is made of granite structure, driven by direct-drive motors, equipped with linear scales that minimize thermal variation and eliminate back-lash. Unlike other big shops that put all machines in one big facility, we set up small cells for every two grinding machines so that stable temperature can be reached during tool grinding. We also design our own machines for preforming and neck grinding. Highly sensitive laser is used for detecting tool tips to prevent any risk of contact damage of the sharp edges. Special synthetic grinding oil is used on all machines in our company to protect human health and prevent cobalt-leaching. Everything we do shows its worth on the quality of our tools.

Quality is always more important than quantity. From simple jigs to laser measuring, from optical projector to high resolution CCD profile analyzer, and from x60 optical microscope to x200000 SEM/EDS, we use the very best instruments to make sure every tool in every individual process is tightly controlled within tolerance.

Today, IDI keeps ahead providing tooling with exceptional quality for our customers. We contribute to the world for a better future.