Deep hole drilling, SKD61 HRC52


Deep hole drilling

Purpose: IDI D1.5 custom tool deep hole drilling

Material: SKD61, HRC52

Dimension: 70x70x70mm

Hole: D2x12mm deep

Tool: D2 2-flute end mill

Coolant: dry air

Machining time: 4min. 35sec. per hole

Tool life: more than 50 holes


Drilling deep holes on hardened steel is always a challenge to mechinists. The high hardness of the material causes high wear of the tool while the deep hole geometry makes it very hard to blow the coolant into the hole and bring the chips out. In this test, a special D2 2-flute tool was used to drill directly without a positioning drill. The drill mode is pecking with dry air cooling. Two tools were tested and showed stable tool life that last over 50 holes each tool.